Time Dilation Calculator

When Albert Einstein published his special theory of relativity back in 1905, the scientific world was instantly astonished. The statement of this radical theory: Time and space are not fixed entities, but relative to the reference system.

Time dilation is a phenomenon of this special theory of relativity. It states that, for a stationary observer, a moving clock moves slower than a non-moving one.

The time that passed by for the moving clock (seen by a stationary observer) can be easily calculated.

t' = t*(1-(v^2/c^2))^0.5


t’… is the time that passed by for the moving clock;
t… is the time that passed by in the reference system;
v… is the speed of the moving clock;
c… is the speed of light.

To calculate this online, and since I do not think some Java applet is required for this calculation, I put this website online.


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